The topic of the conference was summarized with the title “New Challenges in Rural Areas – Tradition and Transforming Agriculture”, which was examined by giving an overview of the Hungarian situation, and also that of international scale – staging professional lectures, interactive workshops, and study tours with various topics, organized to agricultural and food industry businesses combining tradition and innovation in the countryside.

The conference focused on new challenges and trends in agriculture, and how these find their roots in local traditions. An insight into the rich rural traditions of the Szigetköz and Western Transdanubian region through visiting self-organising rural communities producing traditional local goods or offering services like eco-tourism or horse riding.

You can compare these with businesses using today’s agricultural and food technology and intelligent systems. It was discussed how these influence the work of rural advisors and what kind of solutions can be found together to these challenges.


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On 20th of June EUFRAS conference part was organized. As emphasised by the EUFRAS Chairman of the Board Tom Kelly "From EUFRAS perspective this is a mayor opportunity to promote EUFRAS and the good work being done by members. As a young and fast growing organization EUFRAS needs care and attention and must focus on the critical role of its members in helping farmer innovation and development. To this end the Board are currently initiating a process to update the organization vision and strategic direction. With more than 39 members from 26 countries, EUFRAS is well established now and has a secure future. Guidance and leadership is needed to build on the good start made in supporting all farm and rural advisors through the expansion of CECRA, participation in collaborative projects, the networking and exchange of ideas and influencing the policy environment. This event allows a sharing of experiences of knowledge and the development of contact points and much more important it helps to build relationships between advisers."

EUFRAS Conference program

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