EU-Commission is looking for farmers, advisors, researchers and other experts who wish to join one of these Focus Groups to share knowledge, propose practical innovative solutions, identify opportunities and draw on experiences derived from related existing projects.

Several EUFRAS members from Ireland, Switzerland, Latvia, Germany and France have been supporting EU-Commission since more than 4 years in developing European innovation partnership as 2 new main-stream policy instruments: 

  1. On the regional and national level in rural development programs to create “operational groups for innovation” and 
  2. On EU-level  in EU-research supporting policy Horizon 2020 by contributing to the SCAR-SWG-AKIS (standing committee on agriculture research, strategic working group on agriculture innovation systems development) and the  2 new applied research project types of “multi-actor- approaches and thematic networks”. 


EIP-Agri agriculture & innovation

Regional Contact Points: