On 19th of January, 2018 in the Baden-Württemberg State Institute for the Development of Agriculture and Rural Areas (LEL) Certificates were issued for the successful completion of CECRA Train the Trainer course.

Rita Mager from the Ministry for Rural Areas in Baden-Württemberg issued well-deserved certificates to 13 graduates from 8 different countries – Croatia, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Latvia, Serbia, Slovenia and Spain. The training process was 13 months long and included class-room courses, e-room backstopped individual work and learning in peer-groups. The participants have successfully completed 3-week long training sessions and are now able to carry out all mandatory CECRA modules, as well as some of the optional modules in a participant-oriented and effective way. Consequently, they create unified conditions for certification and standard for methodological training of advisors at European level. 

The education standard providers: IALB and EUFRAS

Under the roof of the rural advisors’ network IALB in the past years standards have been developed for the development of qualifications and competences for advisors in rural areas, which are awarded with a Certificate for European Consultants in Rural Areas. In the German-speaking area, demand for CECRA trainings is growing and also non-German speaking EU countries express need for a common and shared European methodological training standard for rural consultants. In order to achieve this, an adequate pool of trainers, familiar with the CECRA philosophy and its methodological approach is necessary. Therefore within EUFRAS the idea of capacity building for CECRA trainers was discussed from its beginning in 2013. With the „Cooperation and License Agreement between IALB and EUFRAS” in July 2015, the necessary institutional basis was created to offer CECRA all over Europe.
The Agricultural Ministry of the Federal State Baden-Württemberg charged its state institute LEL with the project “Development of a Concept for a CECRA Trainer Qualification” in 2015/16. The Concept of the CECRA TTT Program 2017/18 was designed within this project by a group of experienced IALB CECRA trainers. The CECRA TTT Program 2017/18 was organized by LEL Baden-Württemberg in cooperation with EUFRAS. 

Background of trainer education

Training courses for the development of advisor competences vary from country to country. Existing qualification measures for advisers are often more technical (work sector) oriented than methodological. Therefore, with the help of CECRA, a unified qualification standard has been developed that focuses on the methodological, social and personal skills of advisors and is useful to all advisors working in rural areas, regardless of their sector of activity. CECRA offers (combines) a series of seminars from different modules with the opportunity to gain experience and expertise in other regions and structures as well as cross-border cooperation for graduates - with the exchange of experience in another country. More information can be found: www.cecra.net and www.lel-bw.de  

2018 TTT 3

Certificate awarding ceremony with Rita Mager (6th from the left) from the Ministry for Rural Areas in Baden-Württemberg and Ernst Berg (7th from the left) the Head of the LEL Baden-Württemberg

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