Workshop took place in Ljubljana, Slovenia with the experienced trainers Dr. Eelke Wielinga and Mrs. Karen Jonkers between Thursday May 10 and Saturday May 12, 2018.

"Workshop with 14 participants from 8 European country (Ireland, Spain, Slovenia, Croatia, Poland, Netherland ( tainers), Estonia and Latvia) was realised in Ljubljana. At the end workshop was evaluated in terms organisation and issues and needs for support innovation as very good idea and now is a lot of energy around to do the next steps. All participants on the end of two very hard working days evaluated event as successful. Dr. Eelke Wielinga as a researcher, trainer and consultant and mrs. Karen Jonkers as a trainer and consultant were high motivated and stimulated by the participation of all. Contents was dealing with basic understanding of innovation and innovation support, concepts and tools for assisting multi stakeholder innovation processes, frequent pitfalls and success factors in innovation processes and training methods using innovation support tools. All participants has successfully completed the training as a trainer for the new CECRA Module Understand and Support Innovation in Agriculture. Innovation management has been accepted as good isue for future CECRA module. All 14 attenders strongly agree that this issues is what is needed to be addressed in future development in advisory services across Europe, a very important and useful issues with finish tools, ready to use and help advisors in daily networking work or with involving in different types of projects or RDP 16,2 measures. Future stepst for preparing this CECRA module need to be adresed soon." Anton Jagodic, EUFRAS Member of the Board

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