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On Monday, 13th and Tuesday 14th of July 2015 the Monitoring Agricultural Resources Unit of the Joint Research Centre is organising an international workshop on Agroecology and ecological intensification for a sustainable food future at Milan EXPO 2015. 

The workshop focuses on aspects of such complex system that are linked to interactions with the environment. Specifically, it deals with how agroecology and ecological intensification can support EU agriculture to meet medium-and long-term goals concerning sustainable food production. The aim is to make the point on:
possibilities and solutions offered by agroecology, which are applicable specifically to the European agricultural context, while carefully considering strengths and weaknesses,
how the enhancement of the provision of ecosystem services that are beneficial to agriculture (pollination, pest control, nutrient cycling, enhancement of soil fertility, mitigation of soil erosion etc.), can guarantee optimal levels of production and minimize environmental impacts while improving the overall ecological resilience of agricultural production systems.
The workshop will cover the extent to which such approaches can be beneficial to Europe and in particular to areas already under intensive use, as well as aspects of economic viability. 

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