Details: | Published: 28 June 2017

In order to enhance the cooperation between European forum for rural advisory services and African Forum for Agricultural Advisory Services on 21st of June the memorandum of agreement between both networks was signed within the 56th IALB and 6th EUFRAS conference in Münster.

The agreement was made on the objective of bringing the wealth of knowledge, experience, capacities, technologies and innovations available within the two networks and their members to increase the contribution and effectiveness of agricultural extension and advisory services in service delivery to farmers. You can get acquainted with the full version here!

1The agreement was signed by EUFRAS Chairman of the Board Tom Kelly and AFAAS Executive Director Silim M. Nahdy within EUFRAS workshop where he also introduced the audience with the multiple challenges facing Global and African Agriculture as well as the potential strategic areas for collaboration of both networks to face them. Find out more, see the presentation!  

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