EUFRAS Members and interested parties are invited to consider a possibility to participate in the online course "Challenges of Organic Arable Farming" that will be held from 03 April to 30 June, 2017.

The course is addressed to mid-career professionals having a University degree in agriculture or related sciences with at least a basic experience in organic agriculture, interested in a deep and broad understanding  of  the  main  updates  governing  the  organic  sector  in  the  last  years. The objective  of  this  course is  to enable professionals to familiarize with the latest
insights, context and concepts of organic arable farming and to provide trainees with new tools and practices to tackle current difficulties in organic production.
The course is funded by OK-NET ARABLE project (

Content of the course:
1st module: Soil quality and fertility
Strategies to enhance soil fertility and assessment of soil fertility and quality
2nd module: Nutrient management
Fertilization strategies to enhance nutrient availability in organic arable crops
3rd module: Pest and disease control
Monitoring, preventive and curative measures for pests and diseases management
4thmodule: Weed management
Technical tools, strategies and machineries to tackle weeds in organic arable farming
5th module: Crop specific issues
Crops specific problems and potential solutions in cereals, legumes, fruits and vegetables
6th module:
Recovery and final synthesis

Course duration: 03 April–30 June, 2017

Location: MAIB web-based platform

To apply: Application form (please use the link below to download the application form) and CV should be sent to the e-mail address -

Deadline for applications - March 15, 2017.

More information: