• IALB 2015 in Solothurn

  • Adviser with farmer family

A two day conference at Jury’s Inn Hotel, Glasgow, UK will be held on 21-22 March 2018. As interest increases in sustainable agriculture, food security and healthy diets, the understanding that legumes play a key role in all these fields is also growing. This two-day conference aims to bring together individuals from broad spectrum of disciplines to explore how legume research and practice is advancing, and what parallels exist between specialities. 

 Broad topics are expected to include:

• Legumes and sustainable food production
• Mono-cropping, multi-cropping, cover-cropping and agronomy
• Pollination and biodiversity
• Legume uses, processing and economics
• Health, diet and social attitudes
• Legumes in semi-natural systems
• Legume interaction with soil biology

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